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Introducing SNOWLITE™:
Your Ultimate Snow Removal Solution

Tired of the never-ending battle with snow, the costly cleanup, and the back-breaking effort it takes? We understand the struggle, and that's why MUVIN™ ENTERPRISE is proud to introduce SNOWLITE™ – a revolutionary snow removal solution.

The Issue:

Shoveling snow can be an arduous task, both physically and financially. Property owners are legally obligated to maintain safe premises, which includes snow removal. Scraping snow off your car is no easier, especially during the busy commute, often leaving hazy windshields and unsafe driving conditions.

The Solution:

With SNOWLITE™, you can say goodbye to shoveling and cleanup hassles. Simply roll out SNOWLITE™ Home on key areas like sidewalks and stairs, and apply SNOWLITE™ Auto to your car before snowfall. SNOWLITE™ can dissolve 40” of snow at 0°F, 20” at 15°F, and 10” at 30°F over approximately 50 sq. ft. It works down to a chilling -76°F, immediately melting snow and preventing further accumulation.

What sets SNOWLITE™ apart is its eco-friendliness. It's crafted from EPA, FDA, FAA, DOT approved, all-water-soluble ingredients, ensuring a safe and environmentally-friendly solution. The best part? There's NO CLEANUP AFTERWARD – it all melts away into an eco-conscious aqueous solution. Say goodbye to the snow shoveling struggle with SNOWLITE™

Key Target: Homeowners & Commuting Drivers

Our target audience is clear: homeowners burdened with snow removal and commuting drivers grappling with snowy car troubles.

Affordable at MSRP $24.99 (Promotional Discount: $19.99), SNOWLITE delivers a DIY & DISPOSABLE solution that saves 50% or more on snow removal expenses while reducing liabilities.


  • Atlantic Health System, a network of 6 hospitals and 30+ outpatient centers in NJ & NY, has placed substantial presale orders for SNOWLITE™.

  • UPS, our logistics partner, has expressed keen interest in our product.

  • We've received invitations from INDIEGOGO and partnered with KICKSTARTER with the support of NYC.EDC.

With a growing network and strong demand, SNOWLITE™ is poised for success!



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